Designed and Invented by Deren Franz

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The Vision for the Coffee Machine

The Problem

The process of making a good Chemex Coffee can be quite a time-consuming task. Especially as a student, one does not always have the time or the capacity to measure the exact grams of coffee or the exact temperature for the best extraction. There are so many steps to making a good cup of coffee however sometimes not enough time which in turn results in a quick fix of instant coffee.

The Idea

I was faced with this dilemma every single morning where the instant coffee route just seemed like a better option. Until one day when I said “enough is enough!” and an idea sprang into existence to build a fully automatic coffee machine robot that would prepare a good cup of coffee from start to finish.

The Plan

The first step is to come to a contusion of all the different things I want the machine to do for me. What I want is a machine with an interface that allows me to specifically adjust different aspects of what I want for my morning coffee. Besides that, I want an option for a preset “Speciale Coffee” which has all of my favourite coffee settings already saved and ready to go for those stressful days. Once all values have been set within the menu the coffee process starts. The Machine should be able to boil its own water, count two different flavours of coffee beans, place the filter into the Chemex glass, grind the beans, measure the amount of water that is poured over the ground beans and pour the water in a specific Chemex spiral motion. All these steps are complex projects within themselves and will be all the more magnificent working together as one machine. Since I’m quite familiar with programming an Arduino Micro Controller I’m planning on basing this project on an Arduino Mega 2560. All mechanical parts will be designed and 3D printed for a precise and accurate build. In addition to this, I will be using 8mm Aluminium piping for all structural supports.

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The Menu 

This is the interface that lets the user set specific values and options for how the individual would like his/her coffee. The interface comprises of a 20x4 LCD and a Rotary Encoder. When the Encoder is turned it will either change the value or the option displayed on the LCD. If the Encoder is pressed the value or option is entered and saved to the microcontroller. The structure of the menu is simplified on the following pages. 

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The Coffee Counter

The Coffee Counter implements the flavor values that have been set in the previous section by utilizing two stepper motors. Each stepper motor rotates a  rotor with 4 sections each measuring approximately 1 gram of coffee beans. This means that one whole rotation of the motor would equal 4 grams of coffee. This gives the user the possibility and freedom to precisely adjust the amount of each coffee flavor. The build of this part consists mainly of 3D printed parts, two stepper motors (modified 28BYJ-48), and two stepper drivers (A4988).

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